Top 5 Wednesday: 2018 Wishlist

Top 5 Wednesday is a GoodReads group where participants discuss their top 5 favorite books for a different topic every week. There are new topics posted every month on this page.  This group is hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and Lainey from gingerreadslainey.

This week’s topic is not to list specific book titles that you are looking forward to, but to instead discuss some themes and ideas that you really love and are hoping to get more of in the releases of the coming year.

1. More ‘Found Families’

This is a concept that I really fell for after reading Six of Crows, but I love the idea of a bunch of broken, wayward people making a home in their friendships. I think there is something powerful and profound about starting over again and allowing yourself to reinvent the idea of what a family truly is. This concept can be done for so many reasons and in so many different ways that it’s something that will never bore me. Plus it gives the author a way to pull together characters of varying  personality types without feeling to forced.

2. More Genre-Blending

This one might just be something that’s new to me personally, but I’m really loving the concepts of books that either blend together multiple genres or that completely defy the boundaries of genre all together. There’s a lot of space for this one to go wrong, and I think it takes a an author who really knows what they’re doing to get it right, but when it’s done right, the resulting reading experience is so refreshing to me.

3. Less Love Triangles

I think this is one that almost everyone can agree on. I don’t really know why this trope keeps rearing it’s ugly head, but i’m getting more and more sick of it every year. It seems to be dying off, but at the same time it’s like authors and publishers, especially in YA, don’t want to give it up. I’m not saying I never want to see it again, or that a book can’t be good of there are multiple love interests, but as of right now I’m firmly against any type of love geometry.

4. More Standalone Novels

This one for me is specifically aimed at fantasy and sci-fi, whether it’s adult or YA. There are way to many trilogies out there that have absolutely no business being trilogies. I understand that it makes authors stay relevant, especially if they have nothing else in the works, and that it make the author and the publisher more money if the story is broken up. It also makes me hate that series and not want to read it anymore. I think even a duology could solve the problem for most of these unworthy trilogies. If you have a great story that was specifically written to take place over three books, fine. But there are so many trilogies that you can tell were a simple story made it last one, maybe two books tops, and were poorly dragged out to fill three 300-400 page books. It gets painful after awhile, especially when it’s an author whose writing I really enjoy because it makes me think that their ability to craft a good story is lacking and makes me not want to bother reading their work anymore.

5. Diversity In Fantasy & Sci-Fi

2017 has been a great year for diversity, there’s no denying. I’m so happy that this concept is being woven into so many conversations this year and, while there were a few times it did get a little ugly, this is obviously an important topic that we need to make sure becomes the new normal and not just a fleeting trend. Anyone that reads a lot of fantasy and sci-fi knows that the diversity narrative, in the past, didn’t get picked up as often  in our favorite genres. This year I’ve noticed that it is starting the bleed into these genres and, judging by some upcoming releases for 2018, there’s going to be a big diversity boom, specifically in fantasy and sci-fi.

There are honestly to many great concepts and themes that I’m hoping to see more of next year, but these are some of my most anticipated for 2018. What are you looking forward to in the stories to come next year? Let me know!


One thought on “Top 5 Wednesday: 2018 Wishlist

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE! I also want to have more fantasy standalone novels. So many books are dragged out just for money. If you really want to tell a story, I think you should do exactly what’s needed. I’d rather have the one really good story than 10 watered down stories. Good post. It was very easy to read, and I agreed with EVERYTHING about this post.


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