Top 10 Tuesday: Books I Hope Santa Brings


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly prompted created by The Broke and The Bookish. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s okay! This weeks prompt is really just about ten books that you’ve been looking at for a while and are hoping to get soon. You can spin this for any winter holiday you happen to celebrate. I’ve never really gotten a lot of books for Christmas, but I do usually get cash from a few family members, which is just as good. So these are the books I’m hoping to either get for Christmas or pick up before the end of the year, most of which I’ve been wanting to get into for a while now.

1. Red Rising by Pierce Brown

When I first read the synopsis for this I didn’t completely write it off but I wasn’t interested in picking it up right away. I was pretty burnt out from all the dystopian books and movies out there, but I kept it in the back of my mind for a few months. I’ve been noticing that this book has been getting a lot of buzz since the fall and I’ve heard a lot of people saying it’s not a typical dystopian novel. I’ve been getting more and more hyped for this book and I’m itching to get my hands on it.

2. A Darker Shade Of Magic by V. E.  Schwab

I think this series is one of the most popular in the book community right now and I still haven’t read it. I read The Archived a long time ago when it first came out, before I even knew who Victoria Schwab was, but apart from that I haven’t read any of her books. I feel like for most people her work is hit or miss, but of the synopses I’ve read of her novels I think I will really enjoy her works, and I think this will be a great place to start.

3. The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin

I started reading this book and got about fifty pages into it before midterms came around. By the time things died down this was due back to the library. I know this book series got picked up to become a TV show and, even though I don’t have cable, I’d like to get through it before it comes out. From what I did get to read I already know I’m going to love this book. I’ve already bought two books from her Inheritance trilogy and I don’t even know what it’s about… that’s how good her writing is.

4. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

I’ve been flip-flopping about whether or not to read this since it came out, but I’ve recently heard a lot of great things about it from multiple people. I don’t think I’ve heard anything bad about it yet. From what I remember it’s got some time travel elements, which I’m always down for.

5. Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

I recently read Fisher’s book Marrow in November and it blew me away! I had some nit-picky problems with the ending but it was so emotional and raw and I’m surprised that more people don’t know about her. I picked Mud Vein for this list, but honestly if I can get my hands on ANY of her work, I’ll read it.

6. Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

I’ve been putting off reading this series because I don’t have a copy of Ruin and Rising, which I know is ridiculous, but I know that it’s going to be a series that I binge in a weekend and I don’t want to start it without having all three. I reintroduced myself to Leigh Bardugo’s writing and remembered how much I loved it, and now I need more!

7. The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne

I heard about this book the month before it came out and, as much as I want to read it, I can’t get it from my library, and since I buy most of my books secondhand, I can’t bring myself to spend $30 on a book, as much as I know I’ll love it. I have a sinking feeling that this book is going to destroy me, so I want to read it while I’m on break between semesters so I have time to get over the soul crushing impact.

8. The Grace Of Kings by Ken Liu

To be completely honest, I don’t really remember what this one is about, but I know that Ken Liu and Cixin Liu have been getting a ton of praise in the SFF community lately between The Dandelion Dynasty and The Remembrance of the Earth’s Past series. I didn’t really like the Three-Body Problem which was more on the sci-fi side, but I think that the Dandelion Dynasty will be a little easier to wrap my head around.

9. The Tiger and The Wolf by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I heard about this book about halfway through October and I’ve been interested in it ever since. I didn’t realize how long it was until I tried to read it for Tome Topple in November. One word: shapeshifters. I’m so down. I’m not into paranormal romance and I feel like its been hard to find a good book about shifters lately since a lot of the YA and adult fantasy is revolving around ‘the chosen one’ and ‘kingdom in peril’ tropes. I think those things are in this book also, but… shape shifters.

10. Daughter Of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

This one is kind of a cheat because I already know that I’m getting the whole series box set of this, but ever since I picked up Strange, the Dreamer this summer I’ve been wanting to get my hands on more of Laini Taylor’s work. I feel like you either love that flowery, poetic writing style, or you don’t, but I love it and I’m dying for more.

So, this is a pretty abbreviated list of books I want to get soon. I’m trying to be good next year about buying books and getting my owned TBR under control, so I figure if I buy all the books I want to read before the new year they’ll still technically count as part of my owned TBR. Plus, all the good sales are always after Christmas, right? What books are you hoping to find waiting for you under the tree this year? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Books I Hope Santa Brings

    1. I’m hoping to love them as well, but I’m always a little nervous to start books that have so much hype and a big following. Sometimes it’s hard to find a bad review of books like that and then it’s a huge downer when I finally get around to them and don’t like them. But I’m always hopeful that every book I pick up will be a new favorite. Gotta stay positive when you’re drowning in books 🙂


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