Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About

Top 5 Wednesday is a GoodReads group where participants discuss their top 5 favorite books for a different topic every week. There are new topics posted every month on this page.  This group is hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and Lainey from gingerreadslainey.

Today’s topic is a fun way to kick of the end of the holiday season! It’s not about things that really irritate or anger you about books, just little things that make you internally groan when you see them.

1. Dust jackets

Dust jackets of one of the major reasons I hate buying hardcover books. They are so in the way when I’m trying to read a book and if you take it off then the cover of the book gets dirty. It’s not like anyone will know once I’m finished with it… but I’ll always know. I’ve noticed a lot of books being published as naked hardcovers, with the art design directly on the cover, and I’m really loving them and hoping that more publishing companies move towards that instead. I think the whole look is a lot sleeker and nicer and I’ll never have to worry about losing or ripping a jacket ever again.

2. Mass Market Paperbacks

I have a love hate relationship with paperbacks. I love paperbacks much more than hardcovers, mostly because they are cheaper and, since I carry my books around with me everywhere, they are a lot less heavy and bulky. That being said, I’m really not a fan of the mass market style. This is mostly because I love to annotate the books that I own and that can be pretty hard when the words are microscopic and there’s barely any space between the lines. I mostly bring this one on myself because I will never not buy a mass market paperback if it’s an option. College kids have to cut corners any way they can!

3. Book Blurb Mashups

“It’s this book meets that book and totally for fans of that book”. Lies, lies, and more lies. I can’t think of one book I’ve ever read that has this a a blurb that actually emulated any of the books mentioned in the book blurb mashup. To me, this kind of blurb just tells me what genre the book falls under. The other reason I’m not a fan of this is that it doesn’t always allow the book it stand on it’s own unique qualities and instead relies on the reader’s previous interest in some other book that they read to pick up this one.

4. Books With No Synopsis

On the topic of book blurbs, how on earth can you publish a book with absolutely no synopsis on it what so ever? I don’t care what six other authors and the New York Times  thought about the book. If I don’t know what it’s about, I’m not buying it. This problem has been significantly reduced for me since joining and following the book community because I know what most of the books in the second hand shops are when I go now, but it’s still frustrating when I find older books that no one is talking about.

5. Movie Book Covers

As  much as I dislike the shiny “Major Motion Picture” stickers slapped on book covers that take delicate precision to remove, I really hate when the actual movie poster is used to replace the original cover. I’ve seen the commercial every ten minutes for the past two months when I’m watching TV, please stop trying to shove it in my face even more! I think I’m personally just getting sick of all the book to movie adaptations that have been flooding the market lately because, for the most part, they are poorly done and so much is left out to accommodate a two hour time frame. You wanna make a movie? Fine. But keep your movie poster off my book please.

I think this list could go on and on and on and on…. but this is probably the five things that annoy my the most about physical books. I just realized that none of these have to do with the actual content of the books, but that’s a whole other topic. What are some bookish things that you’re a Grinch about?


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