Spookathon Update

So Spookathon has been over for two days and I’ve been kind of winding down from that and trying to keep up with midterms as well. I have about 5 reviews coming up between the readathon and other monthly reads. I really want to get them up but I’m currently trying to not fail precalculus and physics so I’m strapped for time. I did want to do a quickie update about the readathon though, so, here it is.

I didn’t finish all of my tbr books, but I knew I wouldn’t since one was over 300 pages and one was over 400. However, I did manage to finish reading The Bone Mother, A House At the Bottom of A Lake, and Annihilation. I would have loved to finish all of my books, but my goal was to read at least three and the books I read did cover all of the challenges, so technically my reading week was a success. Not gonna lie, three books in one week is the most I’ve read in a week in a LONG time. I still want to read the other two books I didn’t get to, but I accidentally checked out five books from the library yesterday. Oops. I think I’ll be posting reviews for my Spookathon reads first so, if you’re interested be on the look out. How is your reading month wrapping up? Have you accomplished any bookish goals? Let me know!


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