Six Of Crows


Title: Six of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Rating: 5 Stars

Since this is my first review post I still haven’t exactly decided on how I want to format everything, so here’s to winging it. I have a few reviews from September to October, but I decided to start with this one because it is my highest reviewed book from the past month. I had started reading this back in March but had to stop because school became overwhelming, but I picked it back up at the very end of the summer and flew through it.  I know that in the YA reading community this book has been pretty hyped up for a while, but I honestly believe that, in this case, it is 100% deserving.  The following review is also on my GoodReads page.

*** FYI: Spoilers in here somewhere!

I don’t know what to say about this book other than it was FANTASTIC. I’ve been going between 4.5 and 5 stars for this one but I feel like the problems I had were only little gripes that really didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story overall. I also couldn’t stop thinking about this book once I had finished it and I wanted to start the second one right away. I was blown away by this book mostly because it’s such an upgrade from her original series. I’ve only read Shadow and Bone, which I liked, but it didn’t feel polished. This book however, exceeds the writing and plot of the first Grishaverse novel.

My favorite part of this book is the characters. All of the characters have distinct and well rounded personalities. I love that not all of the characters got along during the story just because they were occupying the same space, and that their relationships were given time to develop. Every relationship is unique and all of them feel genuine, even the angsty, slow building relationships feel real instead of over dramatic and childish. All of the characters have interesting and well developed back stories that exhibit their flaws as well as explain their strengths. Even minor and side characters are well thought out and not developed just enough to serve their purpose in the plot, which I loved because I feel like a lot of books I’ve read recently suffer from this problem.

The setting in this book jumps around to a few different places, all of which are beautifully described. The descriptions of the settings are woven into the story and all of the places seem very real. The world building is fantastic and I appreciated that, although it is in the same universe and shares many of the same elements, it is completely separate from Shadow and Bone.

The story is very well written. It flows perfectly and precisely and you can tell that it was reworked to make sure that there were little breadcrumbs dropped throughout the entire story. There were many plot elements that circle bad from the beginning to the end and it was nice to see how well they were handled. Apart from that the actual writing style was beautiful and brutal but not overdone or flowery at all. There were a lot of really great metaphors and quotable moments, but none of the writing felt forced. The story unfolded at a good pace and it didn’t feel like there was anything that was squeezed in just to serve the furthering of the plot. Everything had it’s place.

Like I said, I only had a few tiny complaints about this book. The first of which is that there was a little bit of lag in a few places in the book. I honestly don’t care about this that much because I expect it in any book that’s over 400 pages. For a book to be that long without lag is pretty impressive. I wish that Wylan had a POV in this book because I really would have liked to get to know his character and personality better. However, I think it point to how strong Bardugo’s writing is that the fact that he didn’t have a POV didn’t really take away from his character development. I still felt like his character and back story was pretty well rounded and by the end I kind of understood why he didn’t have his own POV. The last thing I wish had been handled differently was finding out that Jesper had grisha powers. I didn’t even mind that he did, but it felt a little convenient that you find out he has powers right when they are needed and it’s not even hinted at before this. It could have been mentioned even a few scene before this. It didn’t have to be revealed to everyone at once or anything, i just wanted it to be a little less conveniently placed in the story.

Overall this book was great. I couldn’t read the ending of it fast enough and I’ve been itching to jump into Crooked Kingdom ever since I put this one down.


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